Verify the Authenticity of Any Contact Data with Blockchain Technology.

Your Reliable Tool for Assessing Emails, URLs, and Phone Numbers

How It Works

Simply enter the URL, email, or phone number you want to verify.

Our service analyzes the data and provides scores in categories: Fraud, Honest, Danger, Fake, Recommend. The scoring system strives for a balance between positive and negative ratings. Each subsequent rating is more valuable.

Use your Web3 wallet for voting. Verify the authenticity of votes through Etherscan for maximum transparency.

Main Advantages

Transparency and Reliability: Our service uses Ethereum blockchain technology to ensure maximum transparency and reliability of results. Voting is regulated by a scoring system that aims for a balance between negative and positive ratings, providing additional protection against manipulation.

Immunity and Resistance to External Interference: The blockchain cannot be controlled from the outside; it is inaccessible to transnational and governmental organizations, ensuring fairness and independence of assessments.

Vote Verification: All votes can be verified through Etherscan. Votes from disposable wallets become immediately noticeable, increasing trust and transparency in the process.

The blockchain we use, Optimism, stands out among other technologies for its unique ability to offer users high transaction speeds at incredibly low fees, making it an ideal solution.

User Testimonials

"After several unpleasant incidents with scammers online, I started using ScumRadar. It was a real lifesaver! Now, I feel much more confident knowing that I can easily verify any information and protect myself." - Anna K.

"I'm amazed at how simple and effective ScumRadar works. One click β€” and I get the entire history of the contact, with detailed information about any suspicions. It's an incredible tool for business and personal use." - Mikhail D.

"ScumRadar helped me avoid a scam that could have cost me hundreds of dollars. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to add an extra layer of security to their online transactions." - Sergey R.

"As an entrepreneur, I constantly interact with new clients and partners. ScumRadar gives me peace of mind by allowing me to quickly verify contacts and ensure the honesty of my interlocutors." - Olga I.

"I used ScumRadar to check an online store that was offering goods at prices too good to be true. It turned out to be a scam, and I was able to avoid making a large purchase. I don't know what I would do without this service!" - Alexey V.

"It's simply magic! I don't know how I managed without ScumRadar before. Now, I always check contact details before going to a meeting or making a deal. It really works and gives me confidence!" - Ekaterina S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the service guarantee the fairness of voting?

We use the Ethereum blockchain to register each vote, eliminating the possibility of falsification or interference in the voting process. Each vote can be independently verified through Etherscan.

Can external organizations influence the voting results?

Our blockchain platform is independent and protected from external control, ensuring immunity and resistance to external interference.

How do I know that the data is truly verified by the blockchain?

Each vote or verification is recorded on the blockchain, which means you can independently verify any vote through Etherscan using the provided transaction ID.

Is registration required to use ScumRadar?

Registration is not required to perform contact data verification. However, to participate in voting, you will need a Web3 wallet.

How long does it take to verify data?

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, verification is almost instantaneous, and you receive the results immediately after processing your request.

How does ScumRadar protect my data?

We adhere to strict confidentiality principles and do not store your queries in our system. All checks are carried out anonymously without saving the history of requests.

How often is the information in the ScumRadar database updated?

Information is updated in real-time with each new vote or verification recorded on the blockchain.